Article II – Quorum
Section I. A majority of the Executive Committee members shall constitute a quorum for the Executive Committee meetings.
Section II. The members present shall constitute a quorum for the General Membership meetings.
Article III – Power of Officers and Negotiator
Section I. President
The President shall preside over meetings of the Executive Committee and the General Membership. The President shall appoint, with approval of the Executive Committee, the chairperson and members of all committees and shall be the executive office of the association. The President shall represent the association before the public either personally or through delegates and shall perform all other functions usually attributed to this office.
Section II. Vice-President

The Vice President shall assume all duties of the President in the President’s absence and shall perform all other functions usually attributed to this office. The Vice President shall work closely with one or more committees as the President may suggest.

The Vice President shall organize and conduct membership enrollment. The Vice President shall attempt to get cash members, and former non-members enrolled for the current school year. He or she shall communicate with members on automatic payroll deduction to return by direct main any corrections in their status or address after receiving their annual membership cards in the mail.

Section III. Immediate Past President
The immediate Past President shall advise the Executive Committee and assist the President at the latter’s request.
Section IV. Secretary
The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the Executive Committee and General Membership meetings; shall prepare such minutes for reproduction and distribution; shall maintain official files; shall assist the President with association correspondence; shall notify members of meetings; shall keep an accurate record of all members; and shall perform any other duties relative to the position of secretary.
Section V. Treasurer
The Treasurer shall hold the funds of the association and disburse them accordingly upon submission of vouchers approved by the President; shall sign all checks along with the President; shall report at each meeting of the Executive Committee and General Membership; shall prepare an annual financial statement which shall be distributed to all members and a copy forwarded to the New Jersey Education Association; shall file the appropriate Federal and State forms; shall keep the President and the Executive Committee informed of the financial condition of the Association
Article IV – Elections
Section I.
The President shall appoint, subject to approval by the Executive Committee at its April meeting, an Elections Committee. No office of the association or member of the Executive Committee shall serve on the Elections Committee. A list of names of candidates shall be prepared by the committee and presented to the Executive Committee and General Membership at least two (2) days before the election. Candidates may be nominated from the floor at the General Election meeting.
Section II. Balloting
At the General Membership meeting in May, members shall vote for officers by secret ballot.
Members of the Elections Committee shall distribute, collect, and tabulate the votes and present their written report to the chairperson who will announce the results.
New officers shall be installed at the June meeting of the Executive Committee.
Article V – Committees
Section I. Committee Title and Duties

The Negotiations Committee shall survey the members and prepare a proposed package to be negotiated with the employer by the association negotiating team in all areas of member welfare and general working conditions.

The negotiations team shall negotiation a recommended agreement pending ratification by the members of the association who are members of the bargaining unit.

The Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee shall explore and prepare programs for securing satisfactory policies and procedures for the redress of grievances. It shall process all grievances filed in accordance with the agreement and policies adopted by the association. It shall advise the Executive Committee in situations involving the defense of the individual rights.
Each year the President shall appoint an Audit Committee and such other special committees as may be necessary and shall disband them upon completion of their duties. These committees shall operate according to rules approved by the Executive Committee. A copy of the audit shall become part of the association’s permanent record. A copy shall be sent to the NJEA.
Article VI – Dues
Any increase in the rate of dues or levy of general or special assessment must be voted upon by secret ballot at a general or specific membership meeting or within school balloting after reasonable notice of intention to vote upon such question.
Article VII – Fiscal Year
The fiscal year of the association shall begin on July 1st and end on June 30th.

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